Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to hire a classic/traditional caricature artist?

A: For classic/traditional caricatures, our hourly rate is between $140-$170 (2-hour minimum booking) depending on the location and date. Contact us for a price quote.

Q: How much does it cost to hire a digital caricature artist?

A: For digital caricatures, our hourly rate is between $220 to $270 for each artist (depending on date, location, or number of artists). Note: there may be an additional travel fee, depending on date and location. Contact us for a price quote.

Q: Do you exaggerate people’s features?

A: Our style is more in line with turning people into a cartoon. Altho once in a while, we encounter a face that must be exaggerated a bit!

Q: Will you draw everyone at the event?

A: Caricatures are also a form of entertainment, so we don’t need to draw everyone to entertain. Some guests just want to watch and enjoy.

Q: How many caricatures can one artist draw per hour?

A: One artist can usually draw about 10-12 faces per hour in quick portrait style in black and white with a hint of color. Or about 9-10 in full body style. Or about 6-7 faces per hour in full color.

Q: How do I book you for an event?

A: Contact us to find out if we’re available for a date. If available, we’ll email you a booking agreement. Your approval of the agreement and a minimum 50% deposit will reserve the booking.

Q: Do you do this for a living?

A: Yes, both Mark and Laura have been drawing professionally for over 20 years. Mark also does murals and illustrations. Laura is also a graphic designer. Other artists that work with SketchFaces often have other side professions: a courtroom sketch artist, a few political cartoonists, a high school teacher, a security guard and a furniture faux painter.

Q: Do you entertain children?

A: Yes, we draw at children’s events, altho we don’t recommend it if MOST of the kids are under 3. The younger ones tend not to enjoy sitting still, and the only ones who get something out of it are the parents.

Q: I want to hire an artist for my wedding. Should I hire for the cocktail hour or for the reception or both?

A: Caricatures make a great ice breaker at weddings! In our experience, any combination works. For example, you might hire for the cocktail hour, and then move the artist into the dining area once the reception starts. Things may slow down for the artist at the beginning once the dinner starts, but as long as the artist is in a highly visible area, guests won’t forget to sit for their pic! Ask about our custom wedding paper and wedding stamps!

Q: I want to get a caricature of me and my friend. What do I do?

A: Unfortunately, we’re not set up to accept walk-in clients at this time. Contact us to learn if there is a live, public event in your area in the DC region in the near future. OR we can draw a caricature from photos sent by email. Learn more about our Gift Caricatures.

Q: Do you have to go to school to learn to draw caricatures?

A: Both Mark and Laura have art training at the college level, but mostly learned caricatures “on-the-job” through working with other more experienced artists. Through time, they’ve practiced and still continue to refine their craft.

Q: Have you ever drawn anyone famous in person?

A: Yes, Mark has drawn Muhammad Ali and Joan Rivers (among others) in person, and Laura has drawn Sherrod Brown and Julian Bond (at a backyard party). Both have drawn members of congress as they live near DC.

Q: Do you work outside?

A: Yes, definitely…as long as there is shade and we’re protected from the elements!

Q: What is your cancellation policy for caricatures at events?

A: Deposits are refundable up to 30 business days prior to the event. For cancellations and/or postponements after we receive a signed booking agreement and up to 16 days prior to event, we will refund 50%. For cancellations and/or postponements within 15 days of the event, we require full payment.

Q: Do you draw digitally on tablets?

A: Yes, we draw on Microsoft Surfaces, iPads and the Samsung Notebook Pro. Learn more about our Live Digital Caricatures.

Q: Can you provide multiple artists?

A: Yes, we have a network of professional artists with whom we work with regularly.

Q: Where are you based and do you travel?

A: We are based in Alexandria, Virginia which is 10 minutes away from Washington DC. We draw at events all over the DC metro area. We are happy to travel further away for additional travel fees.

Q: Do you draw couples or groups?

A: Yes, we very often draw couples. For groups of 5+ we request you let us know in advance as we may bring larger paper. Note that each person takes about 5-7 minutes to draw.

Q: Can you provide customized backgrounds with logos and text on the paper?

A: Yes, we offer pre-printed paper with artwork supplied by the client, as well as custom drawn backgrounds. Contact us about pre-printed paper options and pricing.

Q: Do you have a minimum booking time for an event?

A: Yes, we have a minimum 2-hour booking for classic caricatures and 3 hours for digital caricatures.

Q: Do you prefer drawing on paper or digitally?

A: Both have their pluses! Obviously pen and paper are simple and less supplies are needed for the artist. Digital caricatures have so much potential, however: full color, they’re downloadable, the 4×6 inch print out travels easily for the clients!

Q: Do you draw other types of art?

A: Yes, Mark draws murals as well as chalk art. Laura is also a web site designer (and even does some coding).

Q: What do you need a client to provide for a caricature artist at an event?

A: For classic caricatures, please provide a space of at least 5×5 feet, 2 chairs and access to electricity (if indoors) or shade (if outdoors). For digital caricatures, please provide the same space, chairs and electricity as well as a small table.