Live classic caricatures at Kentucky Derby Party — 5/1/2021

Laura drew caricatures at an all-adult Kentucky Derby party in Woodbridge, Virginia.

A couple poses with their caricature at a Kentucky Derby Party

Stylishly dressed lady poses with her caricature

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Live Digital Caricatures at All-Virtual Conference over Zoom — 11/2020

Artist, Mark “Gootz” Gutierrez, drew lives digital caricatures for participants at a virtual conference over Zoom. SketchFacesDC hosted and provided a private room.

ZOOM Caricature drawn on Microsoft Surface Pro

Digital caricatures drawn using Microsoft Surface Pro

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Love him or hate him, here’s our take on Trump

Drawn by Mark Gutierrez

Trump waving

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Live caricatures celebrating National Dog Day for apartment residents — 8/26/2020

A few of our artists, including Mark “Gootz” Gutierrez and Peter Scott, drew live caricatures for residents and their furry friends at The Ellington in Washington. Happy National Dog Day.

National Dog Day Caricature

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