Full color caricatures using art stix at an event on July 4.
One for the Smithsonian museum!
Mark and Laura drawing at a wedding reception!
A stamp with the wedding couple and wedding date for paper!
Couples caricature at a wedding!
Live classic caricatures at an employee event!
Yup! We draw at one-year-old birthday parties!
Laura drawing a crowd at Nationals Stadium!
Mark Gutierrez with SketchfacesDC draws another top Yelp reviewer.
Couple caricatures at holiday party
This guy LOVES Jimmy Buffett!
He loves the ladies!

Classic Event Caricatures

Classic caricatures are a perennial crowd-pleaser at all kinds of events! Artists draw guests with traditional medium: paper and pens.

Guests line up behind the artist and watch their friends get drawn…then take home a caricature of themselves to remember the event. SketchFacesDC provides memorable entertainment and party favors for your guests at all kinds of events, including office parties, conventions, engagement parties, birthday parties, weddings, barmitzvahs, bridal showers, events for dog owners, street festivals, holiday gatherings, family reunions, church events, school/college events and more! It’s a lot of fun being drawn but caricatures will also entertain the watching crowd. Caricatures will appeal to all ages, children and adults alike.

  • Drawn with black marker with a little shading and 1-2 extra colors (we’ll color in a shirt or hair ribbon, for example) on 11×17 paper. Suitable for framing!
  • Quick portrait style caricatures are just heads and partial bodies, showing a bit of what the person is wearing at the event. These are our fastest – averaging about 10-12 people per hour
  • Full body style caricatures include “little bodies” and some theme or activity (soccer! on the beach!) and take just a little longer per person – averaging about 9-10 people per hour
  • Full color caricatures include a full color palette and we’ll color everything, including skin and hair. These average about 6-7 people per hour.
  • Pricing: between $150-$170 per hour per artist (depending on the date and location), with a 2-hour minimum booking
  • We can provide additional artists besides Mark and Laura
  • We also do digital caricatures at events
  • Available for events in DC, Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland and can travel for an additional fee
  • We can provide a wedding stamp with your caricature and wedding date to be stamped on paper at your wedding

Contact us to learn more about booking live classic caricatures for your next event!